Monday, May 18, 2009

Apathy, complete and utter apathy

First off, April was an reasonable month. I ended up around 3k I think before rb. I ran really hot halfway through but was down 2k in final few days. This was the start of a bigger down swing which I am still on. This probably to some degree has led to a bigger problem. That being for the last week or so I just have no interest in playing. I doubt I played more then 1,000 hands. My broadband connection is really not helping me as it keeps cutting out and if I am playing then poker-room closes and I lose all the tables I was on which is incredibly frustrating. I am not really sure how to go about combating it. All I am doing now is procrastinating and visiting all those time wastings sites that I loved in college. I had improved my disclipline in that regard a lot this year but I have totally let myself go and I don't much care either.
Mentally I am not in a good place. This would probably be a good time to go away for a while and clear my head. Maybe I will just randomly book something *shrug*

Lost and Prison Break finished this week. The latter forever and thank god for that. It had gone downhill and I was just watching it out of habit more then anything. It finished of reasonably albeit 2 years too late. Lost on the other hand ended its penultimate fifth season. On first viewing, I got really blinded and annoyed by the final scene, why did they have to end right there!? On reading up on it and watching it again I realised how much happened. It was an fantastic end, the main highlights being the opening scene and the last well 20 minutes. No idea where they go for season 6. I can't wait for it but man I am going to be sad when this time next year it's all said and done.


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Anonymous said...

you finished playing?